Do these sound familiar?

  • Do you find yourself constantly doubting yourself?
  • Do you always downplay your achievements?
  • Do you overthink everything because of your past?
  • Do you repetitively allow your fear to dictate your future?
  • Do you stay in an unhealthy relationship or unsure of it?
  • Do you allow yourself to be treated disrespectfully?
  • Are you a people pleaser?

If you said “yes” to any of the questions above, then you need to keep on reading my friend.

I’ve been in your shoes…

I missed out on great opportunities because I told myself I wasn’t as smart as people around me.

I overthought about everything in my life and purposely sabotaged what I had that was good for me because I didn’t think I deserve to be happy.

I stayed in an unhealthy relationship and allowed my self-esteem to be reduced every day because I didn’t know how to be happy.

My life changed forever and for the better when I decided to switch career and pursue my true passion – helping people.

It dramatically changed the course of my life, putting me on the path to living a life that is fulfilling on all levels.

I want the same for you so you can become who you truly are, do what you love and have what you want.

Making a difference begins with you.

The question isn’t “can you handle the situation” but “can you handle your mind”?

If you were more confident in yourself and took action even when having doubts, would your life be better?

The answer is “YES”, it would be better! So why not make it better today?

What you’ll get from coaching

100% unconditional support and belief in all that you want to achieve.
Practical tools to help you break down your goals into doable steps.
Guidance to help you stay on top of your to-do list and get the right things done.
Learn how to overcome issues you may have to move forward.
Shred off fears that stop you from giving yourself an opportunity to succeed.
Ability to respect yourself and to be honest with every decision you make.
Create a healthy environment for yourself and those around you.
Create an action plan for your life vision and easy to follow steps to turn it into reality.

A few words from my clients

One of the best investments I’ve made in a while

If you’re looking for a great coach, you won’t be disappointed with Kolyanne. She’s very honest, tough and a good listener. For many years, I watched everyone get a promotion at my work but didn’t have the confidence to ask for one. After a few sessions, I learned about my self-worth and decided to present my case to the vice president in my company who immediately gave me that elusive promotion I wanted so much. I couldn’t believe it. Kolyanne saw my potential that I couldn’t see myself and she told me and I quote “A great product doesn’t need too much marketing, it just needs the right presentation to the right people”. I’m very happy with the new me and will definitely teach my daughter what I have learned as she is a mini-me. One of the best investments I’ve made in a while.

Brian Y

Great service and thank you

I got divorced one year before I met Kolyanne. I didn’t have any motivation to take care of myself or find any joy in my life. After a few sessions with Kolyanne, I started to take real actions. She is direct and she doesn’t sugar coat anything so I knew I could trust her. At first, it wasn’t comfortable to hear some of the things she had to say. I stuck with it though as I wanted to hear honest opinion over sweet talk. As she and I worked through my issues together, I slowly started to feel like myself again. I gained the confidence to join a women’s workout club to take care of my health and physique. I began to schedule date nights with my girlfriends and made other changes in my life. Since the divorce, I second-guessed everything I did which I knew wasn’t good for me but I didn’t know where to start. I guess after the sessions, I woke up and enjoyed my life again. Great service and thank you.

Michelle K

Thanks for not giving up on me

Relationships were always something that I shied away from. I didn’t think of myself as an attractive woman but as a woman I always wanted to have a male companion just like all my girlfriends did. I knew my lack of confidence had everything to do with it. I have a great career and loving family but I knew I needed outside help. And that was why I sought for a life coach. Working with Kolyanne was tough because she’s quite direct and held me accountable when I didn’t want to take certain actions that would’ve been good for me. She told me that I needed to love myself first and foremost before getting into any relationship. I didn’t like what I heard but I promised myself to stick with Kolyanne’s program. After our three month sessions, I did many things differently and surprisingly finding a boyfriend was the last thing on my mind. That was when I met my now fiance Mark. Thanks, Kolyanne for not giving up on me and not letting me take the easy road for the wrong reasons.

Janet P

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